I respectfully acknowledge the Eastern Kulin Nations (Daung wurrung, Woi wurrung, and Boon wurrung), Wadawurrung Nation and Butchulla people as the Traditional custodians of the unceded lands where I was born, live/d and work/ed, and pay respects to their Elders past and present.

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Installation, Shadow Sequence 2009

The shadow can be seen as representing the dark side of an individual
“...[in] literary tradition[s], the shadow becomes a disconcerting guest, and image of evil...”1
this idea is further supported by Johnson, a Jungian theorist, on the developing psyche:
“We are born whole... but somewhere early on our way... things separate into good and evil, and we begin the shadow making process; we divide our lives. In the cultural process we sort out our characteristics into those that are acceptable [and those that are not].”2

With the socially unacceptable behaviours becoming the shadow that faithfully lurks behind us.

1. Robert Casati , Shadow Tales of Knowledge and Power, Shadow Play pp 44 2. Robert A. Johnson, Owing Your Shadow: Understanding the Dark Side of the Psyche, pp4