I respectfully acknowledge the Eastern Kulin Nations (Daung wurrung, Woi wurrung, and Boon wurrung), Wadawurrung Nation and Butchulla people as the Traditional custodians of the unceded lands where I was born, live/d and work/ed, and pay respects to their Elders past and present.

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Rectangle Polymorphic Prototype 1.0 

In creating this prototype, I wanted to investigate several ideas. Firstly, can I create polymorphic designs with the hope of increasing emotional durability? To test this I used press stud tape to enable garment sections to be removed, attached, reversed and reconfigured.

Secondly, with this iteration I wanted to realise it with simple rectangle shapes in order to reduce off-cut waste and make it easy to use upclycled fabrics. Before testing, I wasn’t really sure that it would work,  concerned that it would look too blocky and be less flexible. Surprisingly that wasn’t quite the case, I was able to create shape with the press studs, opening up the possibilities for silhouette varability.