︎Alicja Kuzmycz

In a world where fashion has created huge volumes of ever-expanding waste. It is imperative that sustainability enters the fashion industry quickly and substantially. According to Environmental Scientist James Conca, fashion is the world’s 2nd most polluting industry, second only to oil. Making it very clear that sustainability can no longer only be addressed with token gestures or seasonal trends it must be designed into every step of the process.

However, not all sustainability is created equal and has many different levels, each with varying degrees of benefit to the environment. The ideal goal is ‘Closed Loop’ fashion Where garments at the end of their consumer life are recycled into (same or higher quality) recycled fibre textiles and made into new garments. Thus, creating the ‘Closed Loop’ where no new fibres are harvested and landfill/waste is eliminated.

PoMo is Dead is working towards a fully closed loop fashion model. At the moment pieces are created with a majority of recycled fibre textiles, upcycled fabrics, dead stock (oversupplied, discarded stock), supplemented with sustainable new natural textiles and we are working hard to close the loop completely.


Pictured: our very own hand-woven recycled sari silk and denim, original digital print hemp and organic cotton and mixed recycled yarn hand knit.