︎Alicja Kuzmycz

Reclaiming Bauhaus

A collection that celebrates women of the Bauhaus, who were overshadowed by their male counterparts in pages of history. Reclaiming Bauhaus fuses  modernist graphic shapes with practical forms and artistry – Weaving art into a sustainable future that history won’t forget.

Modern Pioneers

A collection that combines binary opposites - modernity with a handmade future - the practical with a sense of art and whimsy.

A future that promises a weary world that we can make it right this time.

Above: mood board and colour palette

CAPELET TOP - Curved sculptural shoulders feature the Pixel Pioneers digital print on 100% woven bamboo. Loose fitted bodice is cropped at the waistline, with handwoven recycled silk and denim front panels, 100% recycled fibre gaberdine at sides and back with pleated detail. Copper open ended zipper down the centre front opening and lined with 100% recycled black satin.

Pixel Pioneers Print

A yardage print, inspired by the Frederick McCubbin, monumental triptych titled The Pioneer. Painted in 1904, it shows the passing of time as free settlers forge a new life in Australia. My modern take responds with the need to create a new beginning out of what has come before. Digitally printed on woven bamboo.

Hand-woven Textile

Made from recycled sari silks and upcycled strips of denim.

UTILITY SKIRT A-line skirt offers hyper-utility with interchangeable/detachable components, secured with open-ended copper zips at the waistline which quickly transforms it from a staple to a statement piece. The Pixel Pioneers print features on the detachable sculptural component. While the floating suede pocket component hides two satin pockets that perfectly hold a smart phone and other essentials. Made with a mix of recycled fibre and island silk. The interchangeable component combinations create six distinct looks. The base skirt has two large opposing hand woven silk panels, that are counterbalanced by recycled fibre gaberdine and a yoke made of vintage obi silks. A touch of whimsy is created with the recycled georgette swinging pleats attached to the back waistline.